We use a Panasonic Lumix G9 for all photography and we are able to shoot 4K video with this superb 10 bit camera. We edit using Adobe Premiere Pro, but we also have access to the whole suite of Adobe products.


We find that very short 'teaser' style video shorts (no longer than a minute or so) can be best to capture enough intrigue within the mind of your potential client. 

Below are two videos, (but not shot) by us.


Video 1 was edited by Rob for his Spandau Tribute Band and had over a thousand views through youtube in less than two months, which generated premier gigs.


Video 2 was a 'Cirque Trailer' which is an example showing our original musical composition skills (in part) written and recorded by us, along with all of the foley and even the voice-over. 

These give an example of our creative side.

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Video 1
Video 2

Tradesmen's websites have been our busiest so far, but we have also built for Landscapers, Kennels, Car Valeters, Shops, Funeral Directors, Consultants, Pest Control firms, Car restorers, Tyre firms, Engineering, TV & CCTV, Phone Repairs, Vehicle wrapping & tinting, Specialist coatings, Flooring, Car parts, Truck parts, Tea rooms, Scrap cars, and Breweries to name but a few. We will build for any business, just give us a call today on 078 111 555 00